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  1. Bonding and Training
    I've had Kuro for roughly 1 month now. Things are going pretty good! Last week he finally decided to try the veggie/fresh food bowl and realized it was delicious (I was singing Hallelujah in my head). Since then he's had a very balanced diet of produce, pellets and seeds. Kuro also enjoys...
  2. Bonding and Training
    Hi, I just got a new Parrotlet two days ago and I'm already confused on what to do. For one, I can't get him to eat anything other than seeds, I've tried veggies fruits bread brown rice anything and he just won't eat it. I also have been trying to train him and use treats for positive...
  3. Parrotlet Talk
    Wondering what everyone is using as treat to lure their p'let to their bought/handmade toys? My little Lily doesnt go for toys unless their actual food inside it and she's a VERY picky eater. Any small treat suggestions?
1-3 of 3 Results