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  1. Parrotlet Talk
    So I'm no longer a parrotlet owner as my beloved Charlie died (although, I've not given up on maybe getting another somewhere down the line.) But for now, I've been considering other options. Because my dog is a rescue and has turned out to be the best dog ever, I decided to look into rescuing a...
  2. Introductions
    Hi all! New to Talk Parrotlets but not new to our little feathered friends. I fell in love with these little giants 6 years ago. My first P'let was named Johnny. He was the sweetest little thing with tons of love and affection for his mama. Unfortunately, I lost my little guy last year, and was...
  3. Parrotlet Talk
    Hey Everyone! I am going to save a Parrotlet! Today I went to my closest bird store and saw the saddest thing. There was a sick parrotlet who needed a home. He was up for adoption for $40.00. Most of his feathers are gone and that is because he is really really upset. :( He is upset because he...
1-3 of 3 Results