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    hay! i recently acquired a pair of female parotlets, a little backstory, a friend of a friend has quite a few animals, i was told they knew a lot about birds but didn't want this pair anymore as they prefer female/male pairs as they 'get along better' (their words not mine), but that these two...
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    found new owner.
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    Canada -Vancouver-BC Read through before replying: Looking for a loving home for young female parrotlet. I acquired two young sisters and an unrelated male, one sister has bonded to the male and they chase the other sister out. I've spent a lot of time taming them as they were parent raised and...
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    Trying to rehome my current parrotlet... So, I picked up a parrotlet last week from a woman who was selling these poor things out of her garage. Paid $150 for a blue male 9-month old parrotlet who was so scared of hands that she had to use a fish net to get him out of the old cage into...
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    As most everyone knows, p'lets have BIG personalities. Unfortunately, mine seem to believe that they can take on my African Greys. As a result, their lives are in danger every time they are out of their cages. They invariably end up landing on the big birds' cages, and I'm always worried that...
1-5 of 5 Results