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  1. Your Parrotlet's Health
    What are your fresh chop recipes? I have a 2 and a half month old Parrotlet I’ve been giving home some apples, broccoli, and strawberries but with his seed diet and millet but I want to introduce him to eating chop in addition. Thanks 😊
  2. Parrotlet Diet
    Sweetie's 1st birthday is coming up in March and so is mine. I want to make her a birthday cake. I would like it to be as close to a normal birthday cake as possible. but i know the frosting can be a puree of fruit or veggies that i assume? i'm not a good cook or baker unless it has step by step...
  3. Parrotlet Diet
    I have some very over ripe bananas and i dont want to waste them does anyone know of a bird safe banana bread ?
  4. Parrotlet Diet
    i am making birdie bread and veggie mash.. no correction i am ATTEMPTING birdie bread and veggie mash lol. i have kale and collard greens, do they have to be cooked for bird consumption or can they be washed and chopped up as a dry ingredient? i attempted to make fruit mash last night and ended...
  5. Parrotlet Diet
    Can i use coconut oil and cinnamon in the fruit blend mash it is 100% pure coconut oil ?????????
  6. Parrotlet Diet
    So i went to the store today and bought TONS of stuff well over 100$ in food for Sweetie. I bought frozen mixed vegs and mixed fruit, fresh kale, collard greens, cilantro,parsley, bananas, 3 apples, organic raspberries, a green,orange,yellow and red bellpepper, squash, brocolli, celery, grapes...
  7. Parrotlet Diet
    I am a new parrotlet owner, and i want to give my baby the best that i can offer her on my tight budget. but i am not quite sure on all the do's and don'ts and what fresh fruits, veggies, and meats that she has to have. does it have to be fresh fruits and veggies all the time or can i get canned...
1-7 of 7 Results