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  2. Parrotlet Housing
    Well, to put it simply, Tofu is starting to get bored. Were still doing our training everyday and Ive been rotating the toys she has but its time for a revamp. Tofu has been anti-toy ever since Ive gotten her, no matter how many times Ive tried to entice and show her how to do it she's just...
  3. Parrotlet Housing
    Closing in on getting a bird, but waiting until after I move to make that jump. In the meantime I figured I’d buy everything I need in advance so that when the time comes that I find my bird, I’m 100% ready. I’m new to birds though. I know basic necessities (bowls, perched, toys), but I want to...
  4. Parrotlet Housing
    My godmother has a cage that used to house sun conure a some years ago that I'll be able to take when I have a parrotlet and the room for it. While I'm not sure about the exact model it looks like this cage...
  5. Parrotlet Talk
    Hi, Does anyone know if I can use fresh Bamboo from my garden as perches/shredding for my Parrotlets, Thanks.
1-5 of 5 Results