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  1. Parrotlet Breeding
    Hello everyone. Do anyone have an idea what color my baby parrotlet will be? The mom is green and the dad is blue. Do you think they will be either green or blue? Or a mixture of both? Also the mom only had two babies.... Will there be a chance one will be a boy and the other a girl? I'm not...
  2. Parrotlet Breeding
    I just got a new pair a blue male with a female latino I was curious because I heard this combo could produce albino offspring is this true?
  3. Parrotlet Breeding
    I have a male Parrotlet named Rico who recently lost his mate. It was really sad and unfortunate. I just got a new female that is the same age for him to bond with. They are both green. I had them in cages beside each other and they were sitting on the side of the cage closest to each other. So...
1-3 of 3 Results