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  1. Your Parrotlet's Health
    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and had a question about something that happened to my parrotlet. I only had him for 2 months and he was just a baby, but he passed away on Friday and I'm not sure why it happened..I was just playing with him outside of the cage and he was being chirpy and...
  2. Parrotlet Housing
    I was thinking on getting the Vision MO1 Bird Cage (It is 24" x 15" x 20 1/2"). I was wondering if anyone else has it and can tell me whether my parrotlet will be happy in it.:)
  3. Parrotlet Diet
    I have recently decided on getting a parrotlet! :D However, I have been seeing a lot of percentages to show how much pellet, fruit and vegetables, and seed to give your bird. So, I am wondering on what brand of pellet and seed you feed your parrotlet?:confused:
  4. Your Parrotlet's Health
    Yesterday morning I noticed a dark spot just above Chipper's nose. Some sort of gunk matted into his feathers. He has a new toy with dark colors that he's been at lately and sometimes the dye from toys will get on his beak, but this is on his skin. Anybody have any idea what's going on? I...
1-4 of 4 Results