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  1. Bonding and Training
    Hey everyone, does everyone like my new T-shirt? I love it!!! But this thread isn't about that... Your advice worked and Dodi will step up on my finger willingly, but will jump off or fly off of it. Is there a way to keep them on? Or is it just time and him feeling comfortable with my...
  2. Parrotlet Pictures
    Finally got a few shots of my new parrotlet Odin today. They're not great quality, but I'll get more up soon :)
  3. Parrotlet Pictures
    Rex is home! He's adjusting well, and we've been bonding with shoulder naps and head scritches :) He had his first breakfast of 100% seed today too! Here he is warily investigating my yarn and birdie body pile... Maybe I'll get some more varied poses when he's a little more comfortable, haha.
  4. Parrotlet Pictures
    Here's some pics my breeder has been sending me over the last few weeks, and it's official, there's a gorgeous green male from her April 25th clutch. This guy will actually be Sugarglider's Jasper's little brother too! :D I'm so excited, my grin keeps getting bigger and bigger each time I look...
  5. Parrotlet Talk
    Can anyone suggest a parrotlet breeder in Central or Western Upstate New York? I am in the Syracuse/Rochester area, and want to give a relative a parrotlet for Christmas. Thanks!
1-5 of 5 Results