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  1. Parrotlet Pictures
    Finally got a few shots of my new parrotlet Odin today. They're not great quality, but I'll get more up soon :)
  2. Parrotlet Pictures
    Rex is home! He's adjusting well, and we've been bonding with shoulder naps and head scritches :) He had his first breakfast of 100% seed today too! Here he is warily investigating my yarn and birdie body pile... Maybe I'll get some more varied poses when he's a little more comfortable, haha.
  3. Parrotlet Pictures
    Here's some pics my breeder has been sending me over the last few weeks, and it's official, there's a gorgeous green male from her April 25th clutch. This guy will actually be Sugarglider's Jasper's little brother too! :D I'm so excited, my grin keeps getting bigger and bigger each time I look...
  4. Parrotlet Talk
    Can anyone suggest a parrotlet breeder in Central or Western Upstate New York? I am in the Syracuse/Rochester area, and want to give a relative a parrotlet for Christmas. Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results