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  1. Parrotlet Diet
    Hey everyone! Like most little birds, there's few things our Niko loves more than demolishing some corn on the cob! Problem is, I'm not entirely sure how much he should be eating. The Internet vaguely tells me not to feed him corn more than once a week - but I'm unsure if that's an entire...
  2. Parrotlet Housing
    We're at a little standstill with Tofu training wise she still wont come out of her cage and is afraid of people even though she will let me now get close to her. I was starting to get worried that if she was to afraid to come out and play she wasn't getting the enrichment she needed and she's...
  3. Parrotlet Diet
    Looking through old posts I see that many people are OK with the fact that their p'let does not eat pellets. Mine used to eat Tropican. Maybe becuase I gave him so many other foods, he stopped eating them altogether. But I was concerned that he was taking only to the less healthy foods. I...
  4. Parrotlet Diet
    My sweet sweet Sweetie needs a pellet diet. i am going to get her pellet berries, but do i need to get a pellet food as well?
  5. Parrotlet Diet
    I have never given Barley any "birdie bread". The closest thing he's had to it is an occasional bite of wheat bread with oats or a sweet potato mash ball. I have heard that corn in high quantities is not the greatest for them due to its starchiness, but it's still a vegetable, so I don't know...
  6. Your Parrotlet's Health
    Hi. I had never had a bird before Parrolito, so when we picked him up from the breeder´s house at 8 weeks, it did not occur to me to be more informed about potential poor health signs, but now I am wondering if something happened to him as a baby. He is in really good health, but he finally...
1-6 of 6 Results