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  1. Parrotlet Breeding
    Is it possible to keep a male and female together without breeding? I have no nesting material they are in 2 separate cages but during the day they are out and about. I think the male was just trying to “mount” the female but she’s still young and honestly I’m not really up for some babies! What...
  2. Bonding and Training
    Hallo, I plan on purchasing two parrotlets for my household next year, and I would like to know the experiences people have had when doing this. First off: They will be Pets only, and I do not wish to breed. Second: I've chosen my color mutations: A dilute (American yellow), and a turquoise...
  3. Parrotlet Breeding
    I got my pair of blue parrotlets from a bird show. They were purchased as a bonded pair - though no mention was made of them being a breeding pair. A few short months after I got them, they laid 2 eggs in the wooden nestbox I had provided them. One of the eggs was not fertile, while the...
1-3 of 3 Results