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  1. Parrotlet Talk
    I have a lovely 2 month old parrotlet named Abu that has been in my house for exactly one week now. He appears to be content and is bonding very well with me. (wasn't hand tame when I got him, he is now hopping on my hand and will start grinding its beak all relaxed.) I make sure his cage is...
  2. Parrotlet Talk
    I am worried that my parrotlet pair will become depressed due to low light -they live next to a north facing window (no, I cannot change their location because of the way my townhouse is oriented). It is very dark here in the winter. I have a heat lamp for them which they use occasionally, but...
  3. Parrotlet Housing
    SO, I have learned that the average "full spectrum" bulb isn't enough for birds. Their definition of "full spectrum" is what humans can see, and not birds. Birds have tetra chromatic vision. WHICH MEANS; I need a specialty bulb that emits UVB and UVA. Does anyone have any recommendations? I...
  4. Parrotlet Talk
    Hi all, Does anyone use a full-spectrum light for their birdies? Do you know if you can buy it in a hardware store or do you have to pay these high prices at a bird online shop? Thanks! Lilly
  5. Parrotlet Talk
    Hey I just got the acrylic playgym from kingscages and have started gearing away from parrotlets (no I will not give you my adress for Tp ing) and more towards green cheek conures. Will that playgym be too small. Off-subject, but is full spectrum lighting really necessary? Also, I went to a...
1-5 of 5 Results