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  1. Bonding and Training
    hi all sorry if this is already a thread, my baby parrotlet is the friendliest bird you will ever meet when he is inside of his cage, the problem i am having is that he refuses to leave his cage, as soon as he is near the door he will fly back to a perch and be friendly again there. any tips on...
  2. Off Topic Chit Chat Lounge
    Hi, I just got a pair of 1 year old Parrotlets and have some fears and questions.. We had years ago a pair of Senegal Parrots and they came from a breeder from FL. We were going to breed birds and the flight came in late in the day and we put all the new birds in an empty bedroom for the...
  3. Bonding and Training
    Hello, I appologise if this thread is a little bit here-there-and-everywhere, blame it on lack of sleep and lack of experience on forums etc (this is the first time I've made an account on a forum). I was hoping to in the next couple of months get a parrotlet. So, naturally due to never owning...
  4. Your Parrotlet's Health
    We just got him Thursday, he's 6-9 months old. But is it normal for a new bird, even though he's gotten very accquainted with us, to shiver and tremble and shake so often?
  5. Parrotlet Talk
    I got a 6-9 month old Pacific, my first Parrotlet, Thursday. I'm only thirteen and have never had a bird before but my mother, whose house the bird will be living at, has had many in her life time. Since Thursday, my birdie (who I am now calling Malibu, or Boo), has become infinitely more...
1-5 of 6 Results