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  1. Parrotlet Diet
    Just found today an UK-based site with a lot of interesting information about parrots: It's about various parrots, but there is obviously information applicable to parrotlets as well. So far we only have a 8-years old Pacific...
  2. Parrotlet Diet
    I've had Murphy for a couple weeks now and have been trying to ease in fresh fruits and veggies, but he is simply not having it. Murphs will perhaps dab his beak into the birdie mash I made him, but immediately stops and rubs his beak all over the perches like a napkin. I think he doesn't like...
  3. Parrotlet Talk
    Hello everyone! I am the proud owner of a parrotlet now (I have had him for 2 weeks today!) and I have a few basic questions. His name is Gatsby and he looks just like the green parrot on the website's banner. First I just wanted to say that I have had NO behavioral problems, Gatsby steps up...
1-3 of 3 Results