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  1. Parrotlet Talk
    So i've been trying since i got her in July to teach her to step up from the front she does it perfectly fine on a perch and when i put my finger behind her but the second i try go in from the front she either runs away or just bites me as hard as she can then ends up leaving even if i pretend...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Good evening everyone! As the title suggests, I will soon be a first-time bird owner, specifically Parrotlets. I've done extensive research about them before making a decision to actually own one. It started off with my mom wanting a bird, a giant Macaw specifically. I told her that they were...
  3. Parrotlet Talk
    I got a Parrotlet (Kiwi) about a year ago,he was a rescue and is currently about 3-4 years old. He steps up, he doesn't bite me or anyone in the house. He has come quite far in his behavior in the last year since first adopting him. For example the first few months I had him he would completely...
1-3 of 3 Results