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  1. Parrotlet Housing
    Well, to put it simply, Tofu is starting to get bored. Were still doing our training everyday and Ive been rotating the toys she has but its time for a revamp. Tofu has been anti-toy ever since Ive gotten her, no matter how many times Ive tried to entice and show her how to do it she's just...
  2. Parrotlet Housing
    We're at a little standstill with Tofu training wise she still wont come out of her cage and is afraid of people even though she will let me now get close to her. I was starting to get worried that if she was to afraid to come out and play she wasn't getting the enrichment she needed and she's...
  3. Parrotlet Talk
    Letting everyone know that bird toys are 40% off at today! Get your babies some great xmas gifties!! :))))
1-3 of 3 Results