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  1. Parrotlet Breeding
    My parrotlets Blueberry and Sprite have been living together in the same cage for over 4 years. They just started to lay eggs, Blueberry the female is a new mom and does not know what to do, she has broken two eggs so far, and she will not go in the cardboard, papertowel nest I have made for her...
  2. Your Parrotlet's Health
    Hi all. June, my pacific parrotlet is 3 years old. Last year she started laying eggs. We do not have a male. She laid two eggs and each time we had to take her into the vet for some medication to help Her relax and lay them. We've tried all kinds of things such as her diet, re arranging her...
  3. Parrotlet Talk
    Hi all, My little blue bean Maisie, who turned 3 this past August, began laying eggs for the first time in May. She is my only parrotlet, so her eggs are unfertilized. She would lay an egg or two, we'd remove it (as she didn't appear interested in them initially), then she would in due time lay...
  4. Parrotlet Breeding
    I went and checked this pairs nest box today and I have four eggs Yay!!!!
  5. Parrotlet Breeding
    It's been a couple days after the 21 days and we been waiting for the babies to hatch but nothing yet I don't think they are going too but I was woundering if the 21 days is for all parrot or just some? Do I need to take the eggs out maybe or should I wait maybe a couple days longer to see if...
  6. Parrotlet Breeding
    I have had my two new babies for a week now. Bella my female is 6 mos old and Potter my baby boy is 4 mos old. Yesterday they were making more of a racket than usual and Bella had her tail up and Potter was on top but under her tail. Were they mating?? In what I have read aren't they too...
  7. Parrotlet Breeding
    I just put them together in a Huge Cage 21"W 25"D 30"H with a Nest Box. The Male goes in the Nest Box and the Female Follows him (and sometimes he makes noises in the Nest Box; Which I am assuming he's calling for her) but they don't sleep in it or anything they just go inside and chill and come...
1-7 of 7 Results