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  1. Parrotlet Talk
    He is not active whether in the cage or out of the cage. When I asked him to step up to my finger, he do not escape or stand onto my hand, just keeping stand on the cage. When I try to move him, he still stands at the same position and catches the cage net, and denies to move.I would like to...
  2. Your Parrotlet's Health
    My parrotlet is a male, 9 years old. He was pretty healthy with no issues for 9 years. However, started from last Monday, he had wing twitching, feet-tapping, and heavy breath after fly. Heavy breath will gone in 30 seconds. He was unable to sleep well at night due to wing twitching and...
  3. Your Parrotlet's Health
    Hello! I’ve never posted here before, but I could really use some advice. I have a male pacific parrotlet named Maui, who is about 11 years old. He’s currently experiencing an episode of what the vet believes to be a chronic hepatitis which causes his liver to swell up. This episode came on...
  4. Your Parrotlet's Health
    So I bought a pair of parrotlets off of someone on kijiji, when I got them home I took a closer look at the male and he seems to have something wrong with his beak. If anyone could give me some Input that would be great :)
  5. Your Parrotlet's Health
    My rabbit recently came down with an upper respiratory disease (trying to take care of that:(). But now im worried about my parrotlet, Fiji. Is it possible for me to accidently transfer the disease to her????:confused:
1-5 of 5 Results