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  1. Parrotlet Pictures
    Share your Parrotlet Videos If you see a video you like or have a video of your own parrotlet feel free to post them here too. I would love to see them. :D I just seen a video and wanted to share it with everyone. It is of a 4 week old baby preeing his new feathers...
  2. Parrotlet Pictures
    Hi Everyone!!! I feel like it's been a loooonggg time since I posted on here. I just wanted to update everyone on how they're doing. They're doing pretty good. Jelly is a nippy girl if you get too close, but she's more relaxed with our hands right now. Peanut is still a little scared, but I...
  3. Bonding and Training
    Im getting a 3 month old parrotlet in 2 days and it will cost me $135 and i have no experience with this type of bird. I contacted the breeder on kijiji and he/she said the birds arent really tame yet. So what do i do? Should i tame it myself? If so, how? Please help!! I dont want a bird that...
  4. Parrotlet Pictures
    I LOVE BLUEBERRIES TOO MUCH IT GETS ALL OVER MY FACE! :D My new birdie basketball play set! Stealing a nibble of Cap'n Crunch when Mommy wasn't lookin :p I'M SPIDERBIRD!
1-4 of 4 Results