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  1. Your Parrotlet's Health
    Hello everyone! I'm new here but need advice! I own two Parrotlet's now, the first one is Fidget, my blue pied male, and Ripley is my second birb but he's still a youngin, he's a turquoise yellow pied. Fidget has been great since last August, the sweetest thing, didn't charge at me or bite...
  2. Bonding and Training
    So, I clipped my boys' flight feathers just now. I'm hoping this will help me with bonding with them, although my main reason for deciding to clip their wings after all, is that today another one of them flew into the window. This is the second time it happened, and I am just scared that they...
  3. Parrotlet Talk
    Hello, I just got a new blue parrotlet. This is my 2nd parrotlet. My 1st one always had her wings clipped because I was afraid she would injure herself. This new one was already very good at flying when we got her, so I'd like to let her keep her wings. However, she's already bonked her beak...
1-3 of 3 Results