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  1. Bonding and Training
    Hi everyone. First time bird owner here. I've had my parrotlet 4 months now and he's still not much closer to trusting me. When I got him he was supposedly semi-tame. I'll make a numbered list here of issues I am having. 1.He does take sunflower seeds and millet from my hand when he feels like...
  2. Bonding and Training
    I’m getting closer to getting my parrotlet, but before I bring him home, I want to know how to proceed with handling. When he first comes home, should I give him space for the first day? How involved is too involved? Can hands go in the cage within the first 24 hours with a hand-tamed...
  3. Bonding and Training
    So, I am happy to say that my boys are slowly starting to eat more veggies! So far they seem to like bell pepper, carrots and rocket lettuce. I also decided to order some Versele-Laga Nutribird pellets at my local pet shop (they didn't have it in stock, but could order it for me, thankfully!)...
  4. Bonding and Training
    Hello parrotlet parents, I'm in desperate need of some help. Almost six years ago I welcomed Zephyr into my home, a male American White. It probably wasn't the ideal time for me to get a bird, because a year after that I went away to college and did spend time with him during the summers and...
1-4 of 4 Results