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  1. Parrotlet Diet
    Sweetie's 1st birthday is coming up in March and so is mine. I want to make her a birthday cake. I would like it to be as close to a normal birthday cake as possible. but i know the frosting can be a puree of fruit or veggies that i assume? i'm not a good cook or baker unless it has step by step...
  2. Parrotlet Diet
    I have some very over ripe bananas and i dont want to waste them does anyone know of a bird safe banana bread ?
  3. Parrotlet Diet
    i am making birdie bread and veggie mash.. no correction i am ATTEMPTING birdie bread and veggie mash lol. i have kale and collard greens, do they have to be cooked for bird consumption or can they be washed and chopped up as a dry ingredient? i attempted to make fruit mash last night and ended...
  4. Parrotlet Diet
    I have never given Barley any "birdie bread". The closest thing he's had to it is an occasional bite of wheat bread with oats or a sweet potato mash ball. I have heard that corn in high quantities is not the greatest for them due to its starchiness, but it's still a vegetable, so I don't know...
1-4 of 4 Results