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  1. Parrotlet Pictures
    After weeks & weeks of trying to tempt Kai in an actual bath for birds, she has her routine of bathing in her water dish in her window perch. 🥳 What makes her feather tips so jagged?
  2. Bonding and Training
    Hi everyone. First time bird owner here. I've had my parrotlet 4 months now and he's still not much closer to trusting me. When I got him he was supposedly semi-tame. I'll make a numbered list here of issues I am having. 1.He does take sunflower seeds and millet from my hand when he feels like...
  3. Parrotlet Talk
    Hello everyone! I am the proud owner of a parrotlet now (I have had him for 2 weeks today!) and I have a few basic questions. His name is Gatsby and he looks just like the green parrot on the website's banner. First I just wanted to say that I have had NO behavioral problems, Gatsby steps up...
  4. Parrotlet Talk
    Whenever I have a glass of water around, Oliver likes to drink from it and will sometimes try and take a bath in it. I'll put a little dish of water on top of his cage for him to bathe in, which he will sometimes use, but he seems more interested in the glass of water. I was thinking about...
1-4 of 4 Results