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Pip's behavior after wing clipping

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Old 06-28-2019, 04:13 PM   #1
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Pip's behavior after wing clipping

Pip sure is acting very different since his clipping Monday.
He really doesn't want to come out of his cage like he used to. He plays around in there, and if we get him out he eyes his cage. Mostly he reluctantly comes out. He is into his cage toys a lot more now.

He used to love playing on the counter with a couple toys he and my husband played together with or on his play stand. No more.

He wants nothing to do with the counter and seems scared of the toys too. Acts afraid of it. Doesn't even want to sit on us by the counter.
He used to be very involved in helping me make our bunnies salad and would hop on his plate on counter to nibble while I prepared it. Again seems afraid. He always came to eat with us. Again wants nothing to do with counter or our food. Before he had to know what we were eating and always tried to eat it. If we had food he had to investigate.

The only thing he wants to eat is his Goldenfeast Australian blend and nutriberries and he's eating a lot of it. Not interested in veggies, not interested in people food. Seems scared of it. He usually shreds a broccoli floret each day. Won't touch it unless I hold it for him and then he'll do a few bites.
For his breakfast normally he would eat in the center of our table from his play stand. He would sit on bottom edge and lean over a bit to eat his birdie bread and whatever else.
He acts afraid to do that. He will take a few bites if held up high to him.
He also won't go to bottom of his cage to eat anymore. I would put his breakfast there sometimes if he hadn't finished or we were leaving.

Today he did eat birdie bread but only after my husband broke it up into quarters and hand fed him in his cage. He ate it like he was starving.

Its not a lack of appetite as he sure eats the australian blend and nutriberries. This all started after clipping.
He does alot of what I would call baby chirping and calling. He still sings and does his phrases. Yesterday he talked up a storm for a good 20 minutes practicing all his phrase.

I sure dont understand this fear of the counter and eating there or from his playstand. Also the rejection of nibbling our bunnies salad and being so interested in our food. Its obvious he is afraid.
Somehow its connected to his clipping. Maybe he's afraid because his balance is different or he's afraid he will fall off counter...I don't know.

Fear of people food? Maybe he thinks people and our food are unsafe.

He still likes to be loved up. He will come out of cage, but its more like when he first came home and had to be coached out. He came out for me a while ago, although not with the usual excitement.
I have a large window above my desk with a big sill. Yesterday I made him a play area out of it. Put a perch and a couple toys on it. I also cut a nonslick drawer liner to fit so he gets good traction. I wanted him to be able to still look out a window while I'm at my desk. He seems to enjoy it.

I do not think he is sick. I think its more mental/emotional...insecurity.
He' being super naughty right now as I'm trying to type. That is good!!
He wants to control the keyboard and is also attacking some papers. Good to see the naughty streak.

Now he's up on the window sill and he doesn't seem afraid of that setup at all. He's enjoying it alot an exploring. Throwing toys off onto the desk at me and climbing up and down his perch.

Hmmm....maybe it's just the things he used to do he's afraid of now.
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Old 06-28-2019, 04:28 PM   #2
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JackieRTP is on a distinguished road

You know your bird best. It sounds like you have a pretty good idea of what is going on with him. Hopefully in a very short amount of time he will be back to his old self and doing the things that he used to do that he is afraid of at the moment.
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Old 06-28-2019, 05:04 PM   #3
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Bryan will become famous soon enough

He is probably just adjusting to the new mobility. The counter might be from the toenail clipping causing his footing to feel different and the wings being clipped would have a different balance that needed to be learned too I would imagine.

As far as food goes he used to burn a lot more energy in a day with all the flying around. Now he just sits or walks mostly from the sounds of it so he will not need as much food/energy as before.

Keep looking for the positive things he likes now and keep expand on them the best you can.

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Old 06-28-2019, 10:40 PM   #4
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I was also thinking his fear of the counter may be due to his toes, lack of balance, as counters are slippery and he knows this from being on them before, so maybe put some of that non slip stuff you have on the window sill, as he seems comfortable with that surface.

Try to see if you use it in different areas that he use to go to, if it makes a difference. As far as the food, i have no idea other than the clipping threw him off and he is doubting everything most of all himself but that will change back.

We have had to clip a couple of ours before and after a few days they readjust. Their normal routine slowly creeps back in.

All the best and keep us posted as we are all rooting for all 3 of you.
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Old 06-30-2019, 04:40 PM   #5
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Whispercalm is on a distinguished road

I think he's starting to adjust some.
Instead of dropping he can glide a bit. Landings aren't too smooth. Now he's not going far or from high at all. Yesterday he was sitting on my finger on the couch and went about 2 feet over to the arm of the couch and did a nice job of it.
He's gone to the floor from the couch a couple times.. just can't seem to get his feet under him well yet. That's all carpeted area. Its great to see he is not dropping like a rock anymore.
I don't leave him on his play stand that's in the center of our kitchen table unless I'm watching closely. For now he's just getting his breakfast there. He used to own the whole table marching all over and finding sunspots. Too much hard tile on floor.

This morning he finally worked up the courage to lean over and eat his birdie bread like he used to from the bottom edge of the stand. I set his breakfast on a little paper plate and it's only like 1/2" down from side of stand, but he was scared to lean over.

Still no people food though. Won't touch his broccoli on his own unless I hold it for him then he more rips it apart likes he's angry. I figure he must be eating a little of it amongst the fury. Won't touch, dandelion, cilantro, herb salad, fennel, dill,etc... he loved to nibble bunny food. For now I'm just thankful he is eating, period. If it's only nutriberries and his australian feast at least he's eating it well.

He always was a cuddle bug and he's even more so now. Still prefers cage, but he's not so fiesty about coming out, just still a bit reluctant. He spent a lot of time out with me this morning and this afternoon.
He plays a lot in his cage which is sign that means he's not too depressed to do anything. He's been into toys he hasn't touched in ages.
I'm wondering too if me being sick has also bothered him. I'm finally on the mend and feeling kind of normal. This was a whopper of a sinus infection. My illness and his clipping all happened about the same time.

The window sill play are has been a big hit with him. My husband made him a smaller perch stand for it yesterday. The other one was a bit too big. We got a ladder today also so that he can climb up and down to the desk and back.
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Old 06-30-2019, 06:49 PM   #6
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Sweet Pip, I’m glad he’s starting to feel better.
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Old 06-30-2019, 08:21 PM   #7
David Miller
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David Miller is a jewel in the roughDavid Miller is a jewel in the roughDavid Miller is a jewel in the rough

Thumbs up

Pip will come around. If a bird in the wild gets temporarily hurt, they will adapt until they get better. Pip is acting the way he should and he will come around and adjust. The p'lett is smart. He will come out of this okay. As his wings grow back in, he will gain more confidence. You'll see!

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Old 07-04-2019, 12:26 AM   #8
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littlehuck will become famous soon enough

Please be careful that he is not clipped too much. I have seen some extremely bad wing clips close to the bloodline. It should just be the first 4 flight feathers taken in a little so they can still glide. Never cut the parachute feathers (middle ones) or the back feathers.

I love that he eats so well; better than me! I used to hold the broccoli flowers for my little berry boy and the green beans as well.PRetty soon I had to hold everything. It comforted him to be w/me and likewise spend time together so I was happy to do it.
My Huckleberry Friend forever
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