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~~~~Bogie's Published Life-2009 Part Two~~~~

~~How Bogie Got His Name and How Bogie Chose His Cage Spot~~

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Old 05-22-2020, 02:34 PM   #1
David Miller
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Exclamation ~~~~Bogie's Published Life-2009 Part Two~~~~


(Our new parrotlet was a nice gift to ourselves...especially to me, which I will describe the circumstances later on in another thread. I will give you a hint: By getting Bogie, it turned out that it would be the first time he actually saved my life!)

...Our new parrotlet was at home and sitting in a nice, big cage. Later on after he settled in, it only took me 20 minutes to teach him to step up! Then, he was left in his cage for a couple of hours to get adjusted to his new home. We watched him as he ' fluttered ' from perch to perch, while checking everything out as he went along. He drank water, ate some millet, and found a favorite spot to rest. I turned on the TV and my wife and I went out to dinner.

When my wife and I got to AppleBees, a restaurant we frequented often, we were very excited! I told my wife that there was something special about that bird. She told me that I loved all birds, but I knew this one was different because he picked us out! He had eye contact with me from the very first time I bent down to see him at the bird show. He came right up to my face and gave me a staring down. Even the breeder noticed the connection. He chose me as I fell in love with him the first time I laid eyes on him.

( Later on, he proved that ..." I loved Bogie so much that once we bonded, there was never a moment in his life that was left uncaptured and never a second where he wasn't full of himself ! " )

...While we waited for our food to be brought out to us, we discussed finding a name for our new family member. I have had to name many pets in my life, but this little guy impressed me so much, that he had to have a full name. We tossed around a few dozen names, but nothing made a connection. I am the type of person that doesn't like to take a lot of time to figure out a name. I was impressed with our little guy.

As I sat in our booth, I kept looking around the restaurant because it was decorated with hundreds of photographs of famous entertainers and movie stars. I saw Elvis, the Beatles, Rock Hudson, John Wayne and....one of my favorite movie star tough guys, Humphrey Bogart. His photo was on the wall, just 18 inches from my face and looking right into my eyes just like Bogie did when he was at the bird show.

When I made contact with that photo, my eyes lit up and I told my wife that I found a name and it was Bogart! She knew I liked Humphrey Bogart and she liked the name Bogart. And from what I had observed of our parrotlet, his name fit. This bird needs a full human name if he was going to be part of this family, so his official name would be, " Humphrey Bogart Miller I " with " Bogie " as his nick name. The actor was called Bogey, but I wanted a different spelling, so the name became " Bogie " ! Little did I know that his name was going to catch on in the future and be known all over the world!

Needless to say, we practiced saying his name all the way home and we couldn't wait to see him again!

Once we walked into the home, Bogie was sitting on the highest perch in the cage. We had put his cage on a table in the eat in kitchen and from where he was sitting, he couldn't see much of the house. He stayed pretty quiet . I went to him and sat next to the cage and talked to him. I thought he was getting adjusted to his surroundings and he wasn't acting like he did earlier.

I knew that a bird in a cage needs to be centrally located in a home so the bird can experience action. But, we left him there for two days and got him out of his cage several times a day. After two days, he didn't seem happy at all. He must have missed all his friends. I had to think about this. Hmmm. I know what I will try.

I took his cage and placed it on the bar located between the kitchen and formal dining room. There were cabinets directly above his cage, but I figured he wouldn't mind them. He had a nice window to look out of right next to the kitchen sink. From there, he would have an unobstructed view at the eat in kitchen, dining room and the great (TV) room. Most of all, he could see me watching television. I was 15 feet from him. Once he was moved there, his attitude changed a lot. And, little did I know how important that kitchen window would turn out to be!

I learned something. All the budgies I had didn't care where I put them. They were happy anywhere! But with Bogie, I sensed a higher intelligence. He stared at me in a different way. When I came close to his cage, he moved closer to me. Most of my budgies never did this. During the next couple of days, he became more vocal and active. I started heari ng certain calls he made at certain times during the day. When I was alone in the house, he sounded different. When Vicki was in the kitchen and I was in my computer room, he made very different sounds. It was evident to me that he was developing his own language. Budgies just chirped. If they were excited, they chirped more. Some budgies actually talked human. But Bogie???.....to be continued......

Next thread will be about Bogie's adjustments, foods, beginning bonding.....

And....The reason why I brought Bogie into my life......a sad situation for me......

Comments? Tell me what you think.


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