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~~~ Chia Pet Crack-Up From Bogie ! ~~~

~~I was just Looking At A Portion Of Bogie's Book ! ~~

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Old 09-16-2020, 11:44 PM   #1
David Miller
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David Miller is a jewel in the roughDavid Miller is a jewel in the roughDavid Miller is a jewel in the rough

Exclamation ~~~ Chia Pet Crack-Up From Bogie ! ~~~

As I was skimming through a portion of Bogie's book, I ran across a chapter that contained some of the funny stories/situations that Bogie starred in.

This is just a precis ( condensed points ) of one of the stories.

I was watching TV one day when a certain commercial came on. Usually, I muted the commercials as soon as they came on, but Bogie flew over to me to get a good preening. Of course, he came first! So, as I started to scritch him, the first commercial completed its presentation. Then, a new commercial came on!

It was a Chia Pet commercial. Remember the Chia Pet? The Chia Pet was an earthen pot made into various shapes, like a rabbit, turtle, fox, etc. This pot had hundreds of holes on top of it and you made a pasty seed mix and spread it into the holes. Then, you watered it until it started to sprout. ( There were different ways of doing this).

Well, the Chia Pet pot they showcased was a terra cotta colored pot in the shape of then President O'Bama's head! It was called, " The O'Bama Chia Pet ". It didn't do him justice, by the way. It was ridiculous looking.

When the commercial first came on, I stopped scritching Bogie's head and Bogie looked at the TV. I swear, the very second I started to laugh at the Chia Pet, Bogie started laughing exactly like my wife's laughter! He absolutely cracked up and I along with him! The more I laughed, the longer he laughed. ( He stares right at me when he laughs and this makes me laugh even more).

It was one funny looking Chia Pet! I couldn't wait for Vicki to get home so I could tell her what happened. Explaining it to her wasn't as funny as seeing the commercial, but I told her she will see it one day.

Three weeks later on a Saturday, I was watching TV when the commercial came on. I called for Vicki to rush into the room and see the commercial. Before she could get into the room to see it, Bogie ( who was sitting on my shoulder) started to laugh! Vicki finally stepped into the room and saw most of the commercial. She was already laughing at Bogie for laughing and when she laughed even harder at the commercial, we were all in tears. Bogie never laughed that hard again! He imitated Vicki down to the part where Vicki says, " I can't breathe.." ( she always says this when she laughs hard and long), Bogie says it like her, too! He says, " Can't breathe! " . It is so funny!

God! I miss Bogie ! He was the reincarnation of my very first bird that I ever had, named Dickiebird. Dickiebird was a green budgie ( we called them only parakeets back then...we are talking, 1964 !).
Dickiebird was a talking bird and a very smart bird. He was 17 when he passed.

Oh! The things these p'letts do!

David and Vicki

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