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Kindness and Patience

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Old 11-24-2020, 10:38 PM   #1
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Post Kindness and Patience

This is a gentle reminder about the importance of kindness on an internet forum. Worldwide, we are all experiencing significant stress this year, and it can lead people to run low on patience. Here are some important reminders and tips to keep this forum and friendly and welcoming place:

First, please avoid directly criticizing another member of the forum. We are not here to fight with each other, but to compare notes and stories about the most amazing birds, parrotlets! When something rubs you the wrong way, take a second and take a breath. Ask yourself - why would the person write what they did? Are they seeking the best interest of parrotlets to the best of their ability and knowledge? Could you be reading emotion into the written word that isn't there? We don't all have to agree on everything, and all of our parrotlets are individuals, but we can choose how we disagree. Let's be kind and welcoming to everyone!

Second, be aware of what could be the perceived tone of your written word. Without the inflection of spoken word, written word can easily be misinterpreted. Remember that bold, ALL CAPS, and other things used to emphasize our words should be used sparingly and only in select situations. For instance, if I want to express how Tumi feels about tissues, I would have to say he LOVES them. However, if I am disagreeing with someone's advice, I would never want to use caps or bold in my criticism of them. That would be the in-person version of yelling at them, and we are building a community of kindness. Consider things like adding smilies to help express your tone of voice in the written word, such as (typed ": )"); (typed ": p"); (typed "; )"); (typed ": eek :"). These silly symbols take something which is otherwise serious looking, the written word, and make it fun and welcoming.

Third, we are here to support each other. If you feel that there is an issue that doesn't contribute to our kind, welcoming, helpful community, please let the moderators know by clicking on the report button. We will receive an email, and will be able to come to a consensus about what actions are necessary. We do not want to ban a genuine member of this forum, so PLEASE don't force us to! Please don't respond to unkind remarks, but let the moderators sort out the issues. By choosing to "walk away" instead of fight, we can make sure that the positive far outweighs the negative.

Let's keep this forum a place of kindness, even as we all face extraordinary stress in our lives. If we each make an effort to be kind and welcoming, this can continue to be a place of refuge in a world of craziness.

Tumi and his mommy Dana

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Old 11-24-2020, 11:17 PM   #2
David Miller
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Thumbs up

Nicely Put! A great reminder of those sacred rules! We all sure have been under stress this year. Thanks for being fair minded in these matters. I love this forum dearly! Notice how it is so different than other forums?

David and Vicki
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Old 11-30-2020, 11:44 AM   #3
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lindav is a jewel in the roughlindav is a jewel in the roughlindav is a jewel in the roughlindav is a jewel in the rough

In my replies I hope never to offend anyone - - - - - personal preference may be stated for a topic and that's it.
We have a forum of all ages from other countries as well as the U. S. It's important to be respectful of people's opinions and hopefully learn from each other's experiences.
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Old 01-21-2021, 05:10 PM   #4
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jamesodono is on a distinguished road

Hi, new here. how on earth do you start a new thread/post please. Thank you!!
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