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Corby’s great adventure!

Sorry this is a long one!

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Old 08-12-2019, 05:09 PM   #1
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Corby’s great adventure!

Well guess who was out of his cage today!? Not by his choice... but out! Yesterday he ate a walnut through the cage bars so today I decided to see If he would sit on my hand. He did and I was thrilled as it was the first time since his trauma the other day! However he was sitting on the back of my hand which is not as secure for him. I was resting my hand on the landing perch door inside his cage. He came quite close to the open door. And then slipped off my hand and fell out of the cage.... ooops!!

I can now see he is able to fly quite a bit as he made it up to the top of the door trim. I stayed (remarkably) calm. I closed the curtains, went and got his playground and took a familiar toy from his cage to hook onto it. I put his cage on the floor with a ladder leading up to the open doors. And I sat holding up a walnut with one hand and my palm open with the other saying “step up.”. I have to say he did look at me and he wasn’t fluttering all around in fear. But the poor little guy didn’t know where to go. Eventually he flew to the top of his cage and was pecking away trying to find the way in. He flew off again.

Because my kitchen is being renovated there are boxes filled with stuff everywhere. He tried to land on a box flap and slipped into the box. His little head was peeking out from a white bowl. He looked so cute!

But after his trauma from me grabbing him I did not want to grab him again. Fortunately, one of those small, soft collapsable, mesh strainers was right in front of me. I shielded him with it while the white bowl was behind him and carried him over to his cage and in!

Poor little thing clung to the side of his cage for about two hours. But he is fine now! Chirping and eating and hopefully thinking maybe it wasn’t so bad out there!

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Old 08-12-2019, 05:49 PM   #2
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Wow! Corby had an eventful time... Definitely continue to work with him - he will come around
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Old 08-12-2019, 05:59 PM   #3
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Bryan will become famous soon enough

Pip had a few wild flights before he got the hang of things too. With him he had already started his step up training so was easy to get back up and going. This was when he was learning to fly he would just dart out of the cage on his own and crash land because he did not know how to land well at the time. It only lasted a few days though and I started him on his flight training kind of by accident shortly after that.

He was on his playstand wanting the millet I had in my hand and I seen him fidgeting looking like he wanted to fly over to get it. I held up my finger a few inches away from him and he hopped/flew over and that is how the training started. It went from a few inches to a few feet very quickly he loved flying so much that we got there in just one 10-20m session.

If you are interested in seeing how the the progress went you can read about it in my post...

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Old 08-12-2019, 08:19 PM   #4
David Miller
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Thumbs up

Corby is doing fine! He will get better at flying and when this happens, his confidence will grow and grow! Remember, when he is out and about, always give him a lot of nice sweet talk in a pleasant voice.

I have used words to let all the birds I have ever owned that things are alright and just fine. The words were key words. They are:

" It's okay. It's okay (name of bird) ". An example of this: Let's say Corby slid on that box lid and went down into the box. You would then approach him and quietly say, " It's okay. It's okay, Corby or baby or sweetie". It is a reassurance phrase and you can use it whenever Corby gets stressed or in a situation where he needs human help.

I use it on Ricochet...especially when he was learning to fly. He would land on the floor and I would gently walk over to him and have him step up while I say, " It's okay, Ricochet! It's okay, baby. " Over the year that I have had him, I have said those words a hundred times. He has learned to calm right down when I say those words. If he makes a boo boo and I see it happen, I use these words.

Another word I use is " Try?" If I hold up a piece of a new treat or food that he has never had before, I offer it to him and say, " Try? Try?" And I will add, " It's okay. It's yum yum or (yummy yummy) .

I do the same words every time I offer him something new. He will try the new item every time!

" Hot Hot! " is another danger word that I use for a lot of things that I do not want Ricochet to get near or touch. He knows what the words mean. If I put down a hot cup of coffee and he sees it, he will come over to it and fly and land on top where it is hot. So, when I put the hot cup down, I tap it a few times to get Ricochet's attention and I say loudly, " Hot! Hot! No No! " He never lands on it. He was walking to the cup one day on the counter and I said the Hot Hot words and he turned around and went away from it.

This is some of the things I do to help Ricochet in a dangerous world. Sorry this was so long.

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Old 08-13-2019, 06:55 AM   #5
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Try moving your hand close to him if this happens again and say step up, when they are away from the cage they are different birds.
Lin & Huey DOH 4/28/13.
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