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If your bird doesn't turn crazy or hating your voice, he might learn to talk
I tried to teach Twitter some words but he never was interested. He could only make kiss sounds back when I kissed him -which was adorable, what else would I ask for?!- and I suspect he had learn many sounds from the budgies, since they would talk from one room to the other when we were not home.

Parrotlets have been studied for many years and researchers have proved that they name their chicks, each with a different sound. The concept of a sound associated to their little person is completely natural to them (and to any animal making sounds I'm sure!!), so not only do they know their name, but they know the name of every member of your family too. In the wild they would chant their name to signal their territory, I guess telling one's name is the first priority for a bird willing to speak?
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