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Stop training Kiwi?

This will probably be a lengthy post... I'll try to be as brief as possible.
After getting Mango (conure) I've noticed quite a difference between the conure and the parrotlet personalities. I've always done "training" with Kiwi, because she seemed to enjoy the interaction. Playing basketball is one of her favorite games, and, even when she's in her cage, she will "dunk" her jingle ball into her water dish, simulating the game we play. She really seems to like that game!
After getting a boy conure... Mango is REALLY excited to train! REALLY excited to socialize. There is quite a DIFFERENCE in the 2 birds' personalities. And, I'm starting to think, maybe I've misunderstood Kiwi. Kiwi DOES want out of the cage, and want some interaction... Mango wants to learn new tricks.
I don't know if this is a difference in bird types, or a difference between boy and girl...+-
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