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Originally Posted by TheBeans View Post
I'm sorry for your loss of Roxie. And for what it's worth, when we moved into this house it came with a gas stove (which I had never had before) and it smelled odd for the first two times we turned it on. We weren't told about the gas burn out, but like any gas stove, you have to get the gas running thru all the lines before that odor is gone and that can take a few times. I'd suggest moving Kai to a room with a door (and close the door) while you get your stove up and running. Once you have gas running in all lines (meaning all burners work when you turn the knob to ignite them) you'll be fine. As for feed and water cups, I'd definitely switch to stainless. They are easy to clean and if you get a few of them you can rotate them thru the dishwasher.
Thank you for your reply and advice. I have already invested in stainless steel feeding and water cups.
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