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Originally Posted by ozzie3860 View Post
This is a concern of ours. We are about to do a remodel on our upper level. I am seriously thinking about sending Jules to moms for the duration but not sure I can be away from her that long.
That is part of my concern about sending Kai elsewhere. Although it is a small kitchen I really doubt that the work will be completed in six weeks. My daughter rents the second floor of a home and while I know she will go out of her way to keep Kai safe I am worried about any fumes from the downstairs apartment. Regarding your situation I was told that when it comes to fumes go down not up. Fumes and gases rise. If you are doing your upper level is there a safe place on the lower level you could keep your bird? My basement is mostly finished but cluttered with storage and not heated so there is no way I can go down. My only option is to go up. Down is safer. Watch the replies I get. I always find the members of this forum give excellent advice which is very helpful in helping me raise a healthy and happy bird.

Just saw this. Please read PEGGY K’s reply to me. You will feel better.

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