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Originally Posted by ozzie3860 View Post
Originally Posted by David Miller View Post
There is benzene in gasoline. This is what you smell when gassing up.
When gassing up, keep doors and windows closed. When you finish gassing up, etc., make sure that you do not stand beside your car with the door open for very long. Get in and out as fast as you can! Take non flavored bottle water with you. Better yet, put the water you regularly give Kai in an empty bottled water container.

At first, it may be wise to put a towel on the side of the cage that faces outwards towards traffic lanes, so passing big trucks won't startle Kai. Have a nice trip! Kai will love it. Sing to him, etc. This is s great time to teach him new words, etc., since you will be in close quarters with Kai.

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A large towel or other way to cover the cage is a must. There will be times that you will need to cover to keep light out or movement down. If something gets scary for your bird them cover up.
Thank you. I always took a cover for the cage whenI traveled with my canary to keep the sun off him. Took bottled water for Kai. He was just fine.
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