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Miss Mary,
There's no cut off date for them to stop learning new phrases. But, as with my Bogie, it became harder to get him to repeat new words when he got older.

He was ten when he passed. When he was nine years old, I taught him a rather difficult word phrase about a " Tic toc clock " . It took me a year to teach him to say the whole 10 word phrase.
He learned more words easier when he was between the age of 5 months to 7 years of age. After 7 years, it became difficult. His brain is only so big and his vocabulary was 65 words, sentences and phrases. That is a lot for a small brain to process and remember.

Ricochet has learned 28 words, sentences and phrases and he is 7 months old. At this rate, I expect him to surpass Bogie's total.
BUT~~~ I am re-thinking this! It takes a lot of time and effort to teach them so many words and I am getting older by the day and my patience is getting shorter. I think I am going to relax my effort and let Ricochet just live and have as much fun as possible! He brings me so much joy! And peace!

David and Ricochet
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