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If Albirdy Hotwings has went from hardly biting you to more frequent aggressive biting that sounds like hormones to me, too. The good news is if it’s hormones, it will pass, just like the terrible two’s did. But, even without over active hormones, parrotlets are aggressive and territorial by nature. They are feisty!

Parrotlets use their beaks as a way to communicate; Cleopatra usually bites me the hardest when she’s anxious, upset and overly excited. Other bites tell me she wants something or she’s telling me no. She even gives me a nibble to move my arm if it’s in the way of her getting down to my right knee, which is her favorite place to get scritches! lol

The best thing to do when Albirdy bites you is to remain calm and try not to over-react. Don’t yell. Try using the “Gentle Beak Technique” – there’s a Sticky on this in the Bonding and Training section which has helped a lot of owners with their biting birds.
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