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I advise you to not get another bird. P'letts are notoriously territorial when other birds are introduced at this stage. Two males will probably fight and it will not be pretty...even deadly. There is a great chance that you will lose your bond with the 2 year old.

If you do get another male, it is very advisable that you keep him in another cage several feet away from the other. If you let them out to supervised playtime, you better watch them closely. You look away one second and the fight could start. They may even hit it off at first, then they most likely will turn against each other.

If you get a female, then nature will most likely take its place and mating will happen. If you keep them separated, this would be cruel, in my opinion. They would know each other is there, and if they are compatible, they would want to be together all the time and the heck with you, the intruder.

Your bird is hormonal for a reason. He may be bored or you may not be paying enough attention to him. He is past puberty. He will get edgy from time to time because it is natural for him to be that way.

My advice to you is to rearrange his cage and let him fly around the home more often. P'letts have to fly because it is good for them in a natural way. If he is clipped, then you will have to really step up with all the attention you can give him.

A set of new toys is in order. Introduce one new toy every few days, even if he doesn't play with them. Hang a spray of millet in his cage at all times . He will see it and go to it from time to time. Even if he does not like it, put it there. He will try it out when he is bored.

These are suggestions. There is no right or wrong with what I wrote. But I know from experience that putting two males together greatly increases the chance of injury or death to one of them. You want to increase you bond with your birdie. Double your time with him. Triple it! If you can. Play games with him! Wad up a clean tissue and play with it on the table with him. Plastic bottle caps are fun to play with. Both my p'lets stacked them in piles.

David and Vicki

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