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Originally Posted by David Miller View Post
Boy oh boy, Kathy! Some people have all the nerve! They do not care! All the person needed to do was take the nest out and safely move it to a nice bush! Trust me, the parent birds were watching every move. Florida has millions of starlings. They build nests all over the place. They will actually eat out wood soffits on the eves of houses and make a nest in the attics of homes! Dryer vents can be mended by adding stiff screening around them without interfering with air flow. I suggest you do this. If I am correct, in any state, a person can't legally touch your property to remove anything without your permission! Since the lady told you what she did, she will do it again.

We do have a problem in Florida with them. They are the messiest birds in our state! But, they make beautiful sounds and they will whistle like a human when you whistle at them!

Now, in Florida, the Starlings right now are not laying eggs in their nests. They already did this and their babies are grown. But, up north, your cold weather hangs around a bit longer, so maybe they haven't laid their eggs yet. It depends on the temperature. It could be a different situation where you live.

Anyways, the lady should have given you the job of removing the nest. I think the Audubon Society would do that for you.

Hi David, I’m sorry but I think you may have miss read what I posted but I do write a lot so I don’t really make things clear enough when I’m typing posts. There were no eggs or babies which I’m very glad about! I was just worried if there were any in there. The Starlings just pushed lots of dried pine needles into the dryer duct. I’m guessing they were probably at the beginning of starting to nest. I’m really glad they didn’t have babies in there yet but they were still not happy about loosing their home though!

I also don’t physically own the property.

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