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Originally Posted by David Miller View Post
Hello out there in Parrotlet land! Since it is a little slow on this forum right now, I decided to ask for some help from y'all.

We haven't made up our minds completely, yet, about being owned by a baby parrotlet. but the odds look good for good ole David and Vicki to become parr'onts again; even at our old age.

When we make our move and obtain a limale monster, I mean youngster, then I do believe that the 3rd time will be a special charm! Bogie was a very unique p'lett and Ricochet was young when he passed, so our third one has to be tops. None of our p'letts were better than anyone else's, but it is just that I love them so so much! Even when they act onery.

Deciding on a green rump or Pacific p'lett is a hard decision for me. I am leaning toward a Pacific one because I really do need a challenge and , on average, Pacific's are a little more aggressive than a green rump. Of course, it depends on the nature of the bird, itself.

Now, enough of this jabbering... or jibbering... We want to ask you if anyone out there has run across a unique name for a male p'lett? We don't want names that represent green colors or names of spices, like basil or ginger, etc. We want unique names that may represent a male bird. I want to concentrate in 3 themes.

1). A name that may represent Love, Serenity, Peace, Wonder, Giving....

2). A masculine name that may represent Strength, Boldness, Power, Respect....

3). A name that represents Movement, Agility ( agile-ness ), Sprite-full, Forceful, a 'Doer ', ....( Remember, we named our last bird ' Ricochet ' because he moved around constantly from one perch to another, like a bullet ricocheting off of boulders after being fired from a, pinnngggghhhh, tinggggh....


#4). Miscellaneous--- A male or non-gender name, like " Piper ". not Pip). A plumber is a piper because he puts pipes together.
I named Bogie after Humphrey Bogart, the movie actor. Bogie was an actor who was tough, smart, and able to get himself out of ( or into) trouble.
Sometimes a pet is named because of his/her personality, etc., or the way they look! I had a puppy one time that was part everything! Vicki and I named him, " Muttney " because he was a mixed breed dog, like a Mutt! I had a dog named "Squatly" ( actually spelled Squat Lee ). He was an Australian Terrier, like a Cairn Terrier ( Toto, of the Wizard of OZ) and he squatted when he peed. Squat Lee sounded Australian to me.

So, we would appreciate it if you could throw some names our way. Something may stick. We will make a list and see if the bird will match any of the names, once we get him home.


David and Vicki

I almost decided on a Green Rump before I got Willie but I was told by a Green Rump owner on another list that they can get problems with their liver and have over active beak growth. The owner had to trim itís beak once a month.
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