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Exclamation ~~~~Bogie's Published Life-2009~~~~

I mentioned years ago in this forum that I had several stories published about Humphrey Bogart Miller I ( DOH-09-09-2008).
Each story was about 3,000 words long and every story I sent into the magazine, they published! The President of The Exotic Bird Society Of America called me in 2009 and said that they didn't have to edit a single word and that he wanted me to send in all the stories I could write! My fee was diverted to the Exotic Bird Society of America's animal and animal education charities. The magazine was read by people who were members of the Exotic Bird Society.

Some parts of these stories were used in the book I am completing about Bogie.

I am going to write in some excerpts from that first published story. If my fingers will work for me tonight, I will get the complete entry for you. If I have trouble, I will write more tomorrow.( I can't feel my hands right now, so here goes)....

Bogart, The Parrotlet ( AKA ' Bogie ' )

Humphrey Bogart Miller I, is my nine month old parrotlet ( dwarf parrot) who is 5 and one half inches long and has a parrot beak. He thinks he is a two foot long Amazon parrot, who happens to be his direct cousin. Bogart, or Bogie for his nick name, has a hand crafted sign hanging on his cage titled, " Mr. Bogie ". Believe me when I tell you, he has earned the title of " Mr. " !
I have raised budgies before, but a parrotlet is a species all to itself. There is no other small bird like a parrotlet! Bogie is the most amazing part of my family. I really don't think he knows he is a bird!

My wife and I are members of this society and last October, we purchased Bogie from Precious Parrotlets. We went to the Exotic bird show a couple of times before we decided to get a parrotlet. We had talked to one of the breeders from Precious Parrotlets whom we got to know during those visits to several shows during the year of 2008. So, in October, we decided to get a parrotlet from them.

Bogie didn't cost me a dime! Before we went to the October show, I made a wood burning of a parrotlet on a tree branch and colored him with colored oil pencils. I made an easel to put the burning on and I presented it to the breeder whom we wanted to puchase a parrotlet from.

We spent quite a long time visiting the lady selling parrotlets. We saw one male bird in particular who kept coming over to me and my wife. All other parrotlets stayed away from us, so we, I mean he picked us, for sure. When we asked for a price, she refused to take money from us because I had brought her the wood burning!
I told her it was a gift from me because she educated us all about the parrotlet during those earlier show visits. I tried to give her some money, but she refused it.(So, I did slip her husband a twenty dollar bill).

We put Bogie in our travel cage and purchased all the food, plus toys, etc., for our little guy. Little did we know, that on October 26th, 2008, we invested in a little green, very healthy piece of dynamite who has become one of the most fascinating creatures God has ever put on the face of this earth! He got his name when my wife and I went out to AppleBee's restaurant to eat dinner that evening..........
Comments, anyone?????

( to be continued tomorrow, so stay tuned for, " How Bogie got his name" plus, " How he picked his place to put his cage'! )...........

Stay Safe!


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