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Originally Posted by laracroft View Post
I honestly don't know, but I wouldn't risk it? The thing that jumped out at me is that it has soy beans in it, and I know beans are supposed to be cooked in general. Don't know about soy in particular, though. And I don't know about things like corn grits or wheat. I think before you fed it raw you'd have to look up each individual ingredient to see if it'd be a problem. Also, in general I wouldn't feed him much of this. I don't think it's bad for him, but most of his diet should be veggies, not grains, and if he's filling up on this he'll likely eat less veggies. Maybe save it for a treat?
Thank you for your reply. I only give it to Kai cooked and only once to twice a week for dinner along with his veggies. I normally hand feed his dinner so he always gets his veggies before sweet potatoes, rice, or anything else. I always save the foods he likes best for last.
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