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Originally Posted by JennyK View Post
well, i consider pellets as a backup for seeds. if my new birds only eat 2-3 types of seeds and ignore fruits and leaves, i will have to introduce them pellets, no doubt.

otherwise, i am Old School and enjoy watching them making mess with their seeds, fruits, veggies and leaves
It did not say the only way it said easiest

Pip didn't like the veggies I have given him and I do not eat many myself so it just makes more sense for me to feed pellets. I was also afraid he would only pick out the things he liked and be missing key vitamins and minerals he needed in his diet.

I do see the value in variety for sure and is why I researched and found the Dr. Harvey's seed mix. It has a bunch of things in it like healthy seeds, fruits, nuts and some vegetables too so he is given the opportunity to have a good choice of things in his bowl every day. The Herb Salad is also there for him to pick through every day and he does. He eats all of his seed mix and most of his pellets there are normally just crumbs and seed hulls the next day.

I might regret my decision later if he does develop an issue but I did a lot of research and all the things pointed to pellets being fine and possibly the best thing for good nutrition. I guess you can see from my few links where I get all this information and that is just a few of them I have saved. I have even read a few reports on all of it and a few case studies.

(I guess the point is I have done extensive internet research on this before my decision but I am always happy to look at any other opposing articles on the subject)

I will link a few more that I have saved..

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