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Thank you all so much for your direction and advice. I will not be getting another bird. I thought it would enhance Albirdo's daily life, thinking he would enjoy a friend.

I'm also happy to hear that he will probably outgrow this biting phase. He is very territorial about paper towels and he has a favorite bowl that he likes to sit in and shred the paper. I had to move it from the kitchen counter because he would get aggressive and try to bite me if I was getting near the space to wash dishes or prep food. I put it on top of his big cage where I put his daily food. Sometimes, he will get in it to ring his bell, but for the most part he hangs out in other parts of the house. He likes to be where I am when I am home. He's actually on my hand right now, as I type this. LOL

He never really uses his cage. He free flies all around the house and has several places where he likes to perch. I have manufactured some "poop catchers" in the areas he likes to sit. I was concerned about using his cage as a time out place when he bites because I didn't want him to associate it with negativity.

I would love to post a pic of him, but when I click on the picture icon, it directs me to enter a URL address. Forgive my ignorance, this is the first forum in which I have participated, so I'm not sure what that means or how to do it.

I also appreciate the advice on how to handle the biting. I've had him from a baby and he was always so sweet. His nickname is Sweet Peeps, but now I've deemed him Sour Peeps when he gets mean.

He's really smart and understands so much. I've taught him how to turn around on my finger and to "shake", where he gives me his little foot. Lately, he won't do it on command, instead he will ignore me, preen, maybe fly away and then come back and do this little dance that tells me he's ready to perform. I have a video of him doing this that I would love to share.
We are working on putting buttons in a cup now.

He also likes to go on twice daily walks with me and the dogs. He has a little cage that I carry. I just open it in front of him and say, "You want to go on a walk?", and he jumps right in.
He'll say, "sweet peeps" when he is happy and he says it frequently on our morning walks when all the wild birds are chirping. He's such a character. I take him everywhere. He's been to Virginia, on a cross country road trip to Utah , flown in airplanes all over Florida and Texas. He's a great traveler.

He's my first bird, so I was really happy to find this forum.
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