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Weve got an almost 4 year old bunny named Buddy. Hes a wonderful little boy...well hes almost 8 pounds. part Flemish giant. Hes free roam in our house and litter box trained. We have bunnyland #1 under the stair landing which has cardboard tunnel, cardboard box with doors cut in it and various other toys. Bunnyland #2 is in the den. Well, bunny room/craft room. He has a cage in there, but never uses it other than he likes to run in before bed and have his before bed snack there. The room has another large box with doors, and toys. Besides my desk, bookshelf, chair and a tv. He sleeps in there at night with the door closed.
He loves running up our stairs and racing like crazy through the bedrooms.
Morning routine is a fresh mixed salad for breakfast. He also gets 2 papaya tablets for digestion and he shares a banana with dad. He has timothy hay to munch on all day. Dinner is another fresh salad. Evening snacks are about a tablespoon of fresh canned pumpkin for digestion. He gets the pumpkin in a little dish on the couch. When finished he lays close to my side for pumpkin snuggles. At bedtime some more papaya tablets and a handful of forage.
If your bunny has a tendency for GI Stasis, a little canned pumpkin helps keep the digestion moving and helps move hair through system. I also give him Bene-bac twice a week which I feel has been crucial in helping the digestive issues hes had. We almost lost him twice until I started this routine.
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