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jchurchgirl 07-01-2019 11:06 PM

3 Hours
Set up a 3 hour audio loop, today, of me speaking a couple of words over, and over, in the hope that Mango will learn something to say, besides his name.

jchurchgirl 07-01-2019 11:10 PM

And, I played it... it would have gone on for 3 hours. I will do this every day. He will listen to my voice for 3 hours, every day... saying a couple of words over, and over again. I hope he will learn other words... he picked up his name so quickly... but not other words. Do you think this bird actually knows his name??

David Miller 07-01-2019 11:42 PM

Yes, he does know his name! Eventually, he will be out and about the home and you will call him by his name and he will fly to you! All I have to say is, " Ricochet! Ricochet! " and he will fly to me.

Mango knows his name a little bit, but as he gets older, he will know it a lot!;)


Bryan 07-02-2019 12:00 AM

I worried that they would not get context to the words if it was just a tape. I just do my normal talking to Pip and let him learn what he will. I do play some parrotlet videos of them talking from time to time and that seems to have worked the best for me.

Let us know how it goes.

Mrs.JP3 07-02-2019 02:39 AM

Sounds like an interesting experiment! If he's already picked up words I assume it will work. I'm sure you can add context memory later .. ?

rizzie5022 07-02-2019 07:37 AM

We just talk to our guy, it seems we say the same thing to him as he now does repeat.

I also think they figure things out... All I have to say is "your show is on" and Huey get into his position to watch Jeopardy... he also will answer to "what does the birdie say?" with a wing shrug and tweet tweet tweet.

Hope that works, I know folks have said that Koolaids videos taught their birds to speak.

Gribouille 07-02-2019 06:45 PM

If your bird doesn't turn crazy or hating your voice, he might learn to talk :D
I tried to teach Twitter some words but he never was interested. He could only make kiss sounds back when I kissed him -which was adorable, what else would I ask for?!- and I suspect he had learn many sounds from the budgies, since they would talk from one room to the other when we were not home.

Parrotlets have been studied for many years and researchers have proved that they name their chicks, each with a different sound. The concept of a sound associated to their little person is completely natural to them (and to any animal making sounds I'm sure!!), so not only do they know their name, but they know the name of every member of your family too. :p In the wild they would chant their name to signal their territory, I guess telling one's name is the first priority for a bird willing to speak?

jchurchgirl 07-06-2019 02:30 AM

We tried dancing today. He didn't fly away. I was bouncing my finger up and down, with him on it. I tried it with Kiwi, too. In the past, she has flown away, but, she didn't today. Today, she sat on my finger and let me bob her up and down, to the beat of the music.

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