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Awarren6 06-25-2020 08:08 PM

I have a male parrotlet who recently turned two years old. I allow him to free fly around the house and he gets a lot of attention and handling, but he has become a bit aggressive and bites frequently.
I'm not sure how to curb this behavior.
I am also considering getting a second one to keep him company. I am concerned he may bond and ostracize me.
Does anyone have any advice regarding these situations?
If I do get a second one, would a male be better than a female? I want to get a baby to form a bond, like I did with Albirdo Hotwings. I got him when he was three weeks old and hand fed him.
I'm hoping his behavior is like the "terrible twos" and will outgrow this aggression that recently developed.
Any advice is appreciated.

laracroft 06-25-2020 08:59 PM

Oh my goodness, Albirdo Hotwings is the best name ever! I love it! Do you have pictures? We'd love to see some.

As to your two questions-for the first, it would help to have more information. When does he bite? What does he get aggressive about? It could be a lot of things, ranging from hormones to territorial behavior to simple miscommunication about what his body language is trying to tell you. Does he get aggressive with everyone? Is he trying to guard something?

About getting another bird, I am of the opinion that getting a bird to keep your bird company is a bad idea. If YOU want another bird, then that's different, but if you're just thinking of Albirdo then it's a no. As long as he's getting enrichment and socialization from you it's not an issue, and there's just so many ways it could make the situation worse. On one end of the spectrum, he could indeed bond with the other bird and decide he doesn't need you. On the other end (more likely for parrotlets, tbh) he could decide he hates the new bird and then you would have to keep them completely separate to avoid fighting.

David Miller 06-25-2020 09:15 PM

~~~Welcome to the forum~~~

I advise you to not get another bird. P'letts are notoriously territorial when other birds are introduced at this stage. Two males will probably fight and it will not be pretty...even deadly. There is a great chance that you will lose your bond with the 2 year old.

If you do get another male, it is very advisable that you keep him in another cage several feet away from the other. If you let them out to supervised playtime, you better watch them closely. You look away one second and the fight could start. They may even hit it off at first, then they most likely will turn against each other.

If you get a female, then nature will most likely take its place and mating will happen. If you keep them separated, this would be cruel, in my opinion. They would know each other is there, and if they are compatible, they would want to be together all the time and the heck with you, the intruder.

Your bird is hormonal for a reason. He may be bored or you may not be paying enough attention to him. He is past puberty. He will get edgy from time to time because it is natural for him to be that way.

My advice to you is to rearrange his cage and let him fly around the home more often. P'letts have to fly because it is good for them in a natural way. If he is clipped, then you will have to really step up with all the attention you can give him.

A set of new toys is in order. Introduce one new toy every few days, even if he doesn't play with them. Hang a spray of millet in his cage at all times . He will see it and go to it from time to time. Even if he does not like it, put it there. He will try it out when he is bored.

These are suggestions. There is no right or wrong with what I wrote. But I know from experience that putting two males together greatly increases the chance of injury or death to one of them. You want to increase you bond with your birdie. Double your time with him. Triple it! If you can. Play games with him! Wad up a clean tissue and play with it on the table with him. Plastic bottle caps are fun to play with. Both my p'lets stacked them in piles.

David and Vicki;):rolleyes:

Anya 06-26-2020 11:36 AM

If Albirdy Hotwings has went from hardly biting you to more frequent aggressive biting that sounds like hormones to me, too. The good news is if it’s hormones, it will pass, just like the terrible two’s did. But, even without over active hormones, parrotlets are aggressive and territorial by nature. They are feisty!

Parrotlets use their beaks as a way to communicate; Cleopatra usually bites me the hardest when she’s anxious, upset and overly excited. Other bites tell me she wants something or she’s telling me no. She even gives me a nibble to move my arm if it’s in the way of her getting down to my right knee, which is her favorite place to get scritches! lol

The best thing to do when Albirdy bites you is to remain calm and try not to over-react. Don’t yell. Try using the “Gentle Beak Technique” – there’s a Sticky on this in the Bonding and Training section which has helped a lot of owners with their biting birds.

JackieRTP 06-26-2020 04:33 PM

I will be the third person to recommend that you do not get a bird for your pet bird, unless YOU want another bird. There is no guarantee that they will get along and you may have to wind up having two separate out of cage times for them. Parrotlets are best housed separately due to their aggressive nature. Even bonded pairs have been known to kill or injure a mate.

Awarren6 06-30-2020 05:07 PM

Thank you all so much for your direction and advice. I will not be getting another bird. I thought it would enhance Albirdo's daily life, thinking he would enjoy a friend.

I'm also happy to hear that he will probably outgrow this biting phase. He is very territorial about paper towels and he has a favorite bowl that he likes to sit in and shred the paper. I had to move it from the kitchen counter because he would get aggressive and try to bite me if I was getting near the space to wash dishes or prep food. I put it on top of his big cage where I put his daily food. Sometimes, he will get in it to ring his bell, but for the most part he hangs out in other parts of the house. He likes to be where I am when I am home. He's actually on my hand right now, as I type this. LOL

He never really uses his cage. He free flies all around the house and has several places where he likes to perch. I have manufactured some "poop catchers" in the areas he likes to sit. I was concerned about using his cage as a time out place when he bites because I didn't want him to associate it with negativity.

I would love to post a pic of him, but when I click on the picture icon, it directs me to enter a URL address. Forgive my ignorance, this is the first forum in which I have participated, so I'm not sure what that means or how to do it.

I also appreciate the advice on how to handle the biting. I've had him from a baby and he was always so sweet. His nickname is Sweet Peeps, but now I've deemed him Sour Peeps when he gets mean.

He's really smart and understands so much. I've taught him how to turn around on my finger and to "shake", where he gives me his little foot. Lately, he won't do it on command, instead he will ignore me, preen, maybe fly away and then come back and do this little dance that tells me he's ready to perform. I have a video of him doing this that I would love to share.
We are working on putting buttons in a cup now.

He also likes to go on twice daily walks with me and the dogs. He has a little cage that I carry. I just open it in front of him and say, "You want to go on a walk?", and he jumps right in.
He'll say, "sweet peeps" when he is happy and he says it frequently on our morning walks when all the wild birds are chirping. He's such a character. I take him everywhere. He's been to Virginia, on a cross country road trip to Utah , flown in airplanes all over Florida and Texas. He's a great traveler.

He's my first bird, so I was really happy to find this forum.

JackieRTP 06-30-2020 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by Awarren6 (Post 1035495)
I would love to post a pic of him, but when I click on the picture icon, it directs me to enter a URL address. Forgive my ignorance, this is the first forum in which I have participated, so I'm not sure what that means or how to do it.

If you are doing a reply and want to share an image that is on your computer/phone, use the icon that looks like a paperclip. It will give you the ability to browse for the photo to upload

docarmstrong 07-01-2020 07:44 PM

He’s a Teeny tiny terrorist lately.
I have a young male parrotlet, Finnegan, 19 months old, who became very aggressive this spring. He is normally very sweet and all over both my girlfriend and myself. She is over a couple of nights a week but not full time so he prefers me but often sits on her shoulder. He became more aggressive to her but was becoming quite a handful. He likes to fly to the floor and walk around. He started attacking our feet. It is unnerving walking into the room and trying to find him stopping in mid stride. I started covering him at night to limit his sunlight and it helped to curb his behavior somewhat. He is still picking fights with wine glasses and his reflection in the toaster oven. Perhaps going back to work now will have some effect.
Try limiting the daylight.

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