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Conversation Between David Miller and Murphys
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  1. Murphys
    03-28-2016 03:15 PM
    Hi David! Thanks for the message. I registered on the forum because Owie opened up our world to these fantastic little birds. We just fell in love with him and I spent lots of time googling various information on Parrotlets, and this was one of the pages that kept popping up. It's very handy for tips and advice.
    I love the little green guys. I've seen pictures and videos of the different colours, and I thought maybe I was just bias because Owie was such a little cutie, but it's true. As pretty as they all are, the greens are the prettiest!
    I love your story about Bogie. He sounds like a real little character!! Hahahaha. Can you remember how old he was when he started to talk?
    We got a new little girl around 5 weeks ago. We got her from a guy who basically kept her in a cage with 4 others and I get the impression she was never even spoken to, let alone handled. She was terrified when he put his hand in and took her out for us. To be honest... for a while we didn't hold out a lot of hope that we could tame her at times. it's extremely frustrating to go from a little affectionate bird, to one who doesn't want anything to do with you. But I'm pleased to report that sh's doing very well. In the last few days she's allowing me to pet her head and neck. She is still sometimes scared of sudden hand movement, but she's come on SO much. I'm thrilled. It's my mission to keep going and going until she's completely hand tamed. Her name is Skye. (blue one this time!)
    Dynamite is a perfect word to describe these little guys. Hahahaha. They are so feisty, and I just love them. I'm hooked!!!!
  2. David Miller
    03-09-2016 03:46 AM
    David Miller
    Hello there! I still feel sad about you losing Owie. He must have been a good boy! I have a parrotlet named Humphrey Bogart Miller (we call him Bogie ) and he is 7 years old. He was named after a film star named Humphrey Bogart (movies-" Cassablanca" and " The African Queen" . Bogie has a vocabulary of 56 words and phrases. He can spell his name in a song we taught him! He also plays tricks on me. His latest trick was really funny. He has a collection of plastic bottle caps and he calls them his 'babies'. Well, he likes to push them off the table and watch them roll on the floor. One morning, he was on the kitchen table and had pushed about 10 'babies' onto the floor. I bent over to collect them and while I was bent over, Bogie pushed the salt shaker off the table and the shaker hit the back of my neck--salt was everywhere! I stood up and looked at Bogie and he was laughing at me! He imitates my wife's long and unusual laugh. He had lowered his head and spread his wings as he laughed and laughed at ME! He is one green piece of dynamite! Write me back. I am David Miller, a senior member on this forum. Are you getting another parrotlet? If so, get a green one because they are the truest ( true - est ) lineage. Top of the morning to you all!


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