: Sexing Parrotlets

01-10-2007, 08:49 PM
Sexing Parrotlets
An important quality of Forpus Parrotlets is that they are sexually dimorphic. This means that the sex of the bird can be determined by visual observation which makes pairing birds easy and does not require surgical or genetic sexing. In all but one of the species within the Forpus genus, the males have a varying amount of vivid or deep blue on their rumps. The males of all species have shades of vivid blue on primary and secondary feathers on their wings. The females are similar in appearance but always lack the blue markings on the wings. Even young chicks can be sexed by their coloration, another bonus when deciding which offspring to hold back for future breeders. The only species in which the females have blue on the wing are the Yellow Face, and even then, the blue is of a much paler shade.